Magnifying Glass w/ Light Pro App Reviews

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Excelente, indispensável!!!

Useless first - than really good

First there is a tap here to freeze fild inthr nmiddle that cant be reduced. Thus seemed to make the hole App useless! But then it was really surprising, not gamechanging but very good!

Attention! potential Spy App

App is sending data over the mobile network. iOS 7 uncovers this.

App does not launch

Since I upgraded my iPhone 4S to ios 6, this app does not open. It crashes immediately when attempting to launch.

Very convenient. More than just a flashlight

This app does what you need in a flashlight app and more. You can zoom, control the brightness of the led etc and freeze the image and the focus. Better than an actual flashlight.

Fantastic app

Definitely worth getting the Pro version! This app comes in so handy in a restaurant where my husband always forgets to bring his reading glasses. The light really helps in the low light setting in a lot of restaurants as well. Love this app and would highly recommend it.


When I tap the screen to frizz the image it becomes in readable

This works really well!

Easy and intuitive to use. The image quality is great and Im able to read very small print easily. Nicely done!


I us this app a lot and it is really helpful.

Good stuff

I have used this app many times and found it to be very useful.

why pay for Pro version for iPad?

The only advantage of the purchased upgrade to the Pro version for ones iPad is elimination of the advertisement band. The only reason I made the purchase was to get the flash light function. At my age, magnification and more light are essential for legibility, anywhere. What hope I had for this app demonstrated to me on an iPhone! Where was it made clear that there is no flashlight function for the iPad? Nowhere. Unkind business.


First try, read bizarrely fine print on wire. Lock focus, lighting and zoom work as posted. Solid 5 stars!!

Good utility

This app does exactly what I expect of it. I use it to magnify something nearly every day.

Great app!

Exactly as described, works great!


Five stars, nothing else to say.

Perfect to read small labels on electronic devices

I needed a magnifing glass to read the small labels on the Arduino boards as well other details. I purchased the pro version after tried the free version because it works as it does and allows to take pictures in a dedicated album. So deserve to be payed. Great job, well done!

Heres looking at ya!!

I have to say this is totally awesome. This is the greatest app I found yet. There are some things that arent supposed to be looked at that close!!

Really handy!

Ive used this to read menus, medicine bottles, glue tubes and other tiny type. Ive used it to inspect insects, plants, machine parts and pieces of art. Its on the first screen on my 185 app phone. Great, essential, app for all ages.

Maglight Pro

Stays on home screen. Use for reading serial numbers on components, occasionally finding my way through our home at night. Highly recommended

Great for fountain pen and watch guy duties

Im a "fountain pen guy," (HDoug at The Fountain Pen Network) and was looking for something that might replace the 2x (or is it 3x) glass lens that I dont always have on me. I use it to look at pen nibs (the metal part of a fountain pen that carries the ink and touches the paper) because thats where subtleties of shape influence the character of the writing. Its also the metal nibs where manufacturers choose to engrave with their trademark logos. Arrows, Pelikans, mountains, anchors and all sorts of things in fine lines engraved into gold and steel, for the observant with a decent magnifier. I also have to confess into not being able to read the print on medication labels, and it seems to me there might be some important information in that tedious prose. Well, to get to the point, this app really exceeds the above mentioned requirements. I would sometimes use the iPhones camera app and try zooming in to create my own digital magnifier, and I couldnt imagine how an app that basically did the same thing could be any better. But better it is, and much much better. I dont know how, but it works exactly as a magnifier and throws in some very useful digital tricks: Tap the screen and freeze the image. You can even zoom into the image in this mode. You can adjust the flash light to get the level of illumination you want, and you can even save the image to your Photo app. It does get grainy at high magnification, but thats only at the deep end of the zoom scale. I have also found it useful for a number of other things I hadnt anticipated. Im writing this review after using the app to look at the tiny letters engraved into a couple of my watches to find the movement number so I could look up some information about them. From where Im sitting, both my 3x magnifier and 10x Belomo are out of reach. But my iPhone is always practically attached to my body. So it indeed has replaced my 3x lens, and is even threatening my 10X Belomo. Now thats a nice piece of glass, but you cant take photos through it very easily, can you?

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